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Temporary Health Insurance Plans

There are a variety of reasons why a person would need a short term health insurance policy. A few instances could include:

• A person is between jobs and can't afford the COBRA premiums.
• An ex-student has just graduated from college and can no longer be covered under his or her parent's health insurance plan.
• A new employee has to go through a waiting period before his new employer's medical plan will cover him.

For whatever reason, if you need to locate a good quality, affordable temporary health plan, there are some great online options to consider.

These services help you find the best combination of rates, deductibles and coverages for your individual circumstances. You can quickly compare direct rate quotes and total policy costs.

eHealth Insurance
This is the leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses. They have established relationships with over 160 health insurance carriers. You can view quotes, compare plans side-by-side and even apply for the best choice. Visit eHealth Insurance.
Find affordable short term health insurance plans

At GoHealth, you fill out a short online form and then compare benefits, rates and coverages from multiple agents. You get to choose the best one.
Visit GoHealth.
GoHealth Insurance to find the Best Temporary Health Plans

Some of the bigger health insurers that you may find a good policy with include Cigna, AARP, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Amerihealth, Human, Countrywide and United.

Temporary medical insurance and explore your best options for securing a top quality, reputable short term health insurance plan for individuals and families.
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Short Term Medical Insurance Plans

Temporary Health Insurance Plans Online
You can browse and compare all of the top insurance plans. See the best policies for an individual, family or student at eHealth Insurance.

International Medical Insurance Plans
If you're going out of the country for either business or pleasure, don't go without medical insurance coverage.

With over 100 years experience in the international insurance market, MultiNational Underwriters® offers travel health insurance products designed specifically to address the needs of international travelers and people working or going to school abroad.
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